Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I am not rushing the monkeys. Heck, I am thinking of getting yarn for yet another pair! I was just thinking ahead as six people said they would like another KAL for a sock. I was looking at patterns and thought that I would suggest two that looked pretty good.

1. Knitty's Hedera
2. MagKnits Rainy Day Socks

What are your suggestions? I will put them together and we can vote later. No rush. No rush a'tall. I hate rushed monkeys... those are the most unruly type of monkeys.


maxine said...

I love both socks..what a decision to make. Twist must have the perfect yarn.

Shelly Stilger said...

I like them both, too. But I really want to knit a pair of rainy day socks and put them on my little girl. Wouldn't she be so cute?!

Gwen said...

I like them both, but am leaning towards Hedera.

Sally Knitz said...

The meetup message board has a post that suggests a Stephanie Pearl-McPhee pattern to wear to when she arrives. Perhaps we could combine our efforts.

Both of the sock you suggested look lovely.